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When World War II came to an end, Fred and Enid Collins moved to Medina, TX with every intention of becoming ranchers. To the benefit of all who appreciate great style and artistry, the ranching business proved a struggle, and the couple turned to their artistic talents for their livelihood. The team began producing leather handbags with hand sculpted brass ornaments. Their first big client was none other than Neiman Marcus. They named their line Collins of Texas, and in time turned out all sorts of amazingly creative totes and handbags. (From http://enidlifestyle.com)

The sale of Collins of Texas may have marked the end of handbags, but not designing. Enid continued to work in many different media including ceramics, fabrics, acrylic, and watercolor. This creativity was not for sale; she continued to design because it was what she loved to do. As a kid, I remember my grandmother’s house being a virtual art museum. It contained her own work as well as work of many talented artists. She had a special place in her heart for the "starving artist" and she did her part to support them.

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My name is Christian Collins. Enid Collins is my grandmother. I like great design and web development.