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A Book About Enid Collins Coming Soon

December 15, 2020 | by Christian Collins

Enid’s son, Jeep Collins, is releasing a revealing heart story about her life. What began on a hand-hewn kitchen table in a remote ranch in Texas, eventually made its way to every major department store in the country including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord and Taylor. If you’ve ever wondered how it all came to be, the true life story of the bags and the family who created them will soon be available for you to know and adore, just like the bags themselves. To learn more, please visit the Enid Collins Story website to learn how to access exclusive content and be among the first to know when the book is released in early 2021. read more / comment

Cynthia Collins Pedregon - 1946-2012

February 04, 2012 | by Christian Collins

We will miss her. read more / comment

The Collins of Texas Story

December 04, 2011 | by Christian Collins

The following is taken from a Collins of Texas tri-fold brochure about the history and status of the company at the time it was printed.

The famous Collins of Texas trademark and Enid Collins signature are the hallmarks of distinction for what has become the most exciting fashion accessory in America. The jeweled totes and box bags which have acquired an international clientele are produced right here in the Hill Country of Texas--at the original plant in Medina and the newest plant in Fredericksburg.

Enid Collins has been designing handbags for 22 years for the firm, Collins of Texas, which she and her husband, Frederic Collins who is now president and general manager, founded after moving to a Texas Hill Country Ranch immediately following World War II. Both were craftsmen. Enid had studied costume design while working for a fine arts degree at Texas Woman's University. Frederic was an engineering draftsman whose hobby was animal sculpture.

Combining their talents, they made some leather handbags, all hand-dyed and stitched, with ornamental brass closures sculptured by Frederic. The living room of their ranch house soon became a leather workshop as they filled special orders for friends and supplied the small shops at ... read more / comment

Enid Collins Bags at the Witte Museum

December 03, 2011 | by Christian Collins

The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX is displaying a small collection of Enid Collins handbags in its permanent textiles collection. You can see the bags when you visit the Opening the Witte Wardrobe: 85 Years of Collecting Textiles exhibit in the Betty Coates Textile Gallery. When my wife, son and I visited there were three box bags: roadrunner, money tree, and love and one canvas tote: jewel bokay. The exhibit runs until March 25, 2012.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Norton who brought a portion of her personal collection of 75 Enid Collins handbags to show during a special one-day event featuring collectors and their collections.

I look forward to returning when our son, Jeep, is older and we can tell him about his great grandmother, Mimi, who made the beautiful handbags.

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June 11, 2010 | by Christian Collins

The Shreveport Journal - Friday, March 8, 1968

Lollipops -- Sweet treats are smasheroo on a black patent-bound white linen tote pinned with a papier-mache lollipop flower matching the pin on the model's dress. The flower power comes from Enid Collins current Collection of Collinsiana for Collins of Texas and is in the designer's Flora Collection of papier-mache jewelry shown at the Texas Fashion Creators' Press Week which concluded Wednesday in San Antonio, Tex.

[The model is Cynthia Collins Pedregon]

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Love is...

June 10, 2010 | by Christian Collins

a black cowhide-covered tote bag with peacocks and posies captured on fine imported linen with glittering jewels. Generously sized to necessarize her costumes for town or country! From Enid Collins' Fall Collection of Collinsiana. $35 at all fine stores.

Collins of Texas

320 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Robinson's, Southern California; Stix, Baer & Fuller, St. Louis; Sakowitz, Houston; Carroll's, Inc, Boise; F. & R. Lazarus; and, all other fine stores.

The New Yorker, November 15, 1969

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One of Those Collins Girls wearing a "Four Seasons" Tote

May 12, 2010 | by Christian Collins

This ad was part of the Collins Girl campaign featuring Cynthia Collins Pedregon.

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New 'Flower Power' Totes Suit Silhouettes

April 26, 2010 | by Christian Collins

The following was taken from an unknown newspaper source. Wednesday, January 24, 1968.

Accessories are essential to the complete costume look in today's fashion world. So for spring of '68 talented Enid Collins, whom San Antonio can almost call its own, designed a varied collection of smart new handbaggery from mini to maxi in size to suit the many silhouettes of the new season.

Collins of Texas' spring carriers are called "flower power," and Mrs. Collins brought the new spring collection to Joske's of Texas for a showing Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Lavish and lovely, intense in jeweling, they are outrageously fragile and feminine looking, but on the other side of the coin, Colins of Texas designs bags totally prepared for a tough life.

Neither too big nor too small, but well proportioned, the classic totes are treated to a new newsy look of imported Belgian linen. Then there's the scaled down version of the tote called the mini tote. In both, pale jewels design an elegant handbag for all-day carrying.

In the "flower power" group, the designer has apropos tags for each: "Jewel garden," "les Fleurs," "sea garden," "flower basket," "early bird," "glitter bug II," "bright owl," ... read more / comment

Famed Designer Back Home With Spring Collection

April 13, 2010 | by Christian Collins

The following was taken from an a newspaper clipping. Source and date unknown.

By Peggy Hamilton

Enid Collins, designer of the famous Collins of Texas handbags, is a former resident of Birmingham. She personally introduced her spring collection April 23 at Jacobson's, autographing bags selected for purchase.

Her famous jeweled wooden box bags, colorfully decorated linen totes and handwrought leather are joined this season by new "mini" proportioned boxes styled for evening as well as daytime. Other new creations for spring are her papier mache handbags and jewelry.

From a beginning on a dining toom table on a ranch in Texas 23 years ago, Collins of Texas has expanded and flourished until it now consists of two plants supplying purses to 2,000 stores located all over the United States.

When they were first married, during World War II, [Frederic] and Enid Collins lived in Birmingham. But, they decided to buy a ranch and moved to Texas in 1945.

"We tried ranching, but found it was not very profitable for amateurs, so started making leather handbags on a small scale, then went into jeweled linen purses and decorated boxes," she explained.

"We built a plant in Medina, population 300, near San ... read more / comment