June 11, 2010 | by Christian Collins

The Collins Girl - Cynthia

The Shreveport Journal - Friday, March 8, 1968

Lollipops -- Sweet treats are smasheroo on a black patent-bound white linen tote pinned with a papier-mache lollipop flower matching the pin on the model's dress. The flower power comes from Enid Collins current Collection of Collinsiana for Collins of Texas and is in the designer's Flora Collection of papier-mache jewelry shown at the Texas Fashion Creators' Press Week which concluded Wednesday in San Antonio, Tex.

[The model is Cynthia Collins Pedregon]


  • "Smasheroo!" Hilarious, i love it. : tiggyT
  • I'll be using smasheroo the next time I compliment a friend's outfit! : Brunettepet
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