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  • I discovered my first Enid Collins bag back in a Canoga Park (Los Angeles) vintage store in 1995. The wood tone and color scheme were just like this bag, but it had a cat 'Hapi Cat' and two flowers on the front. My mom purchased it for me for $14. It was in great condition but there was no handle. Since the brackets were on the sides and not the front, I fashioned a shoulder strap to it. I can't imagine whatever happened to that bag (and I feel I would never have parted with it!) but all these years later I had never ever seen or come across another EC bag; so I had no idea of the world of Enid Collins even existing! Only recently I thought of the Hapi Cat purse and wondering whatever happened to it, I began to search online hoping to find something similar and that is how I happened upon what I'd been missing out on! This was my first purchase and it was mainly in trying to recapture something close to my original.

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