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This beautiful box bag came to with the help of Miss Sue. Always a pleasure to see her area code on my phone! I know there is a treasure or two or three in my near future!! Truly appreciate her help in my collecting!!!

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  • This box came to me from Boise, ID. This picture does not do it justice! The bee hive is a sparkly gold and the jewel overtones make it so pretty!! One of my favorites!!
  • Just bought my first Collins purse today and it's a "chalie brown" version of this one. I am in love! I was wondering where you've found replacement rhinestones since mine is missing a few. Your collection is beautiful :)
  • Bridgette, Thank you so much for the the compliment on my collection! The only way I have been able to replace jewels is to buy an Enid purse that is beyond bringing back (or a knock off) and using the jewels there. You cannot find the correct jewels at the "bead" store. I want to keep things as they were when they came off the line!! Good Luck, Bridgette!

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