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Flower Power

I want to give a shout out to my sister, Minerva, for keeping a sharp eye for my treasures!! Coming up with this bag on a Sunday afternoon was such a treat for me!! Truly appreciate and love it!!

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  • My sister found this box at the swap meet in San Diego, CA. She got the most awesome deal on it! I have been collecting for years and have never even come close to her deal!! What a score!!
  • What a GREAT SIS! It's DREAMY! Chris posted a blog about the Flower Power collection. This bag is featured in a photo with Enid on this site!
    Any Oakley
  • I have one of these box purses. I have never seen one before. What is the cost for something like this?
  • Mohawkmom These purses go for a wide range. I am an avid collector and have paid all ranges of prices. Depends on how you try to sell it, and to who? More info? vintageladydi@yahoo.com

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