Faux woven wood Enid w/goldfish clasp Faux woven wood Enid w/ goldfish clasp

Faux woven wood Enid w/goldfish clasp

I found this beautiful non-traditional Enid in El Cajon, Ca. The first Enid I have found in my hometown!! Saw it across the room and knew what it was before I got there!! Got a great deal on it so that just makes it so much sweeter!! Represents my "Pisces" sister so, this one's for you , Martha!!

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  • I love the texture of these woven bags and the fish clasp is very cool.
  • I was with her when she got this bag, she saw it from across the room. She moved so swiftly, I lost her for a few moments. When I caught up with her, she was looking at some jewelry too and then made a deal for the bag, before she could even say anything the lady was giving her 50% off her original price!! Don't you just love shopping?!
    Julie Pruitt

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