Mini Mini Mini


It's a 'Mini' mouse Enid Collins bag,haha! Love how tiny this is.Absolutely adorable :) Mini box bag purchased on 10th October 2011

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  • This is really cute. I love the shape of the mouse.
  • Thank you so much :) the photo was supposed to be titled 'mouse and Cat' cause that's my cat's urn next to it. I miss her :(
  • This bag is adorable!! My sister's name is Minerva and we have always called her "Minnie Mouse" She would LOVE this bag as much as I do! Great colors and so cute!!
  • Thank you Ladydi :) I really love this's absolutely adorable and the colours much better than the photo. I bought it to match a pink 'mouse and elephant' Vested Gentress dress,hehe :)

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