Cock "O" the Walk

Cock "O" the Walk

Enid Collins Box Bag . The purse is 11 in length, almost 3 in width, and 8 ½ in height. The front of the purse shows “ Cock ‘o’ the walk” on the left and on the right side of the purse is stamped with ec ©. There are missing jewels. I have not replaced or repaired any of the jewels. This can be seen in the pictures 3 green and 2 gold tear drop. There are a few minor scratches so please examine the picture closely. The original handle is in good condition. Normal wear round corners. The bottom of the purse has 2 gold metal pegs that are in good condition and still securely attached to the purse. The inside of the purse has the original mirror that has aged, inside of the purse is very clean. The lid has the Orginal box bag by Collins Texas on the left of mirror and hand – decorated for you! with “copyright 1960 enid collins.” Please feel free to message me with any questions. ( I have ordered the jems that are missing and will replace them)

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