Road Runner II (red) Road Runner Road Runner II (red) Road Runner Road Runner II (red) Road Runner

Road Runner II (red)

I first saw this bag ( last photo here) on eBay.It was old,full of dents,it had no handle,the leather was missing,paint is almost faded but i thought it was the prettiest thing ever.It was selling for $15 and it was listed for almost 2 weeks already.I couldn't bear the thought of the seller throwing it away in case no one was interested so I bought it.It is now used as my stationery kit.I've always wondered how the actual new bag looked like..and luckily (yay!) i managed to get hold of a pristine conditioned bag a month later. Road Runner bags bought on 2nd Feb 2012 and 18th March 2012.

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  • It's cool that you repurposed that well used bag and now have an awesome example to show off! I love the red.
  • I wished I had the talent to repair vintage stuff,hehe ( i always watch King's of Restoration on the History Channel though,sigh) but these are actually two bags that i bought on eBay.Even with the very used/worn condition I still love it and was lucky to win the bid one month later on the mint condition bag. The Red colour is gorgeous!

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