It Grows On Trees III It Grows On Trees III

It Grows On Trees III

This 1966 bag sparkles.

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  • I have on with white leather in perfect condition
    Ruthie Mitchell
  • I just found one of these at my local vintage store! I'm new to ec bags and wonder if there's a way to tell if the "jewels" are authentic or replaced? Some seem to have holes (for threading?) and others don't. Thanks for any insight.
  • I can only tell if jewels have been replaced if there are inconsistencies in the colors or sizes in specific patterns. The patterns are always pleasing to the eye, and I've looked at bags where something was aesthetically "off" at first glance, and on further inspection noted a jewel that was too small or not quite the right color. Many of the older large crystals have holes. Maybe they were for use on costumes or cloth bags. I'm certainly not an expert, I just love these bags!

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