- Gay Birds
 - Gifts from the sea
Wise Guys - Wise Guys
Hearts & Flowers - Hearts & Flowers Box Bag
 - Collinsiana
Crystal Cock - Crystal Cock
Top doors slid open - Dutch Treat
Straw bag with fish closure - Straw Bag
Exposed newsprint brooch with ladybug - Brooches and bracelet
 - Brunettepet
 - paper Mache Fruit Bag
Red Rooster - Red Rooster
Fauna Box Bag - Fauna
Canvas tote - Brunettepet
 - Red Black and White Basket Weave Bag
 - Bracelet
 - Flower Power
 - for the birds
Front - Party Line
Money Tree I - Money Tree I
Money Tree VII - Money Tree Box Bags
 - Glitterbugs Bag
 - Large Roadrunner Bag
 - Leather handbags
Fish Brooch - Gold Fish Brooch
 - Saint Francis + The Wolf Tapestry
 - Papier Mache Box Bags
 - Beige Leather Bag With Adjustable Strap
 - Black White and Gold Basket Weave Bag
Brass Taurus decoration - Brunettepet
 - It Grows On Trees III


Brunettepet I've been collecting Enid Collins' bags since moving to Texas over twenty years ago. My husband bought me the first bag (Jewel Garden II) as a gift - he knows I love shiny things. I took it out to see a band one night and a woman commented on it and gave me a brief history of Enid Collins. I was fascinated and began collecting from there.