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My Clutch - Clutch
My 3 Large Box Purses - Large Box Purses
My 2 small Bucket Purses - Small Bucket Purses
My 3 Large Bucket Purses - Large Bucket Purses
Night Owl - Night Owl


DanaBell I am an Avid Vintage purse collector.. EC is my favorite designer... My Sister-in-Law got my passion started when she gifted me with the 3 large bucket purses (see pictures) approximately 5 years ago. She had found them at an estate sale for $1 each. I loved the colorful use of the jewels! Since then, I have made it my mission to look for these purses in every salvation army store, goodwill store, flea market, thrift shop, auction, estate and garage sale I have come across. I am continually amazed, awed and interested in the many EC designs available!