- Pavan 3
Flower Power - Flower Power
Hapi Cat - Hapi Cat
Road Runner - Road Runner II (red)
 - Mini
Flower Child - Flower Child
Money Tree - Money Tree
Flora - Flora
Flutterbye - Flutterbye ( fa fa fly!)
 - Fintasia
 - Green Papier Mache
Papier Mache - Collins of Puerto Rico
Horse - Horseeey!
Glitterbugs - Glitterbugs
Glitterbug - GlitterBug
River Boat - River Boat
Tulip Time - Tulip Time
Pavan - Pavan
Gay Cock - Gay Cock (ahahahahahaha!)
Brass - Brass
Cock O' the Walk - Cock O' the Walk
Slow Poke - Slow Poke
Glitter Bugs - Glitter Bugs
Money Tree - Money Tree
Horses - Horses
Flower Basket Denim Blue - Flower Basket (Denim/Blue)
Gay Birds - Gay Birds
Tres Flores - Tres Flores
Cable Car - Cable Car
 - Night Owl
Flower Basket - Flower Basket
 - Road Runner
Owl and Pussycat - Owl and Pussycat
Early Bird - Early Bird
Papier Mache - Papier Mache
For the Birds  - For the Birds
Posies - Posies
Je vous aime - Je vous aime
Daisies Won't Tell  - Daisies Won't Tell
Paisley - Paisley
Flower Basket VI - Flower Basket VI
Poki box bag - Poki box bag
Papier-mâché Sunshine  - Papier-mâché Sunshine box bag
All in One box bag - All in One
Road Runner - Road Runner 1V
Iron Horse - Iron Horse
Love Doves Love Bird - Love Doves and Love Bird
Luck Lady bugs - Lucky Lady Bugs


boomloulou I LOVE Enid Collins bags.I am a new fan and found out about her bags on 12 June 2011,and bought my first bag,a Road Runner bucket bag online 3 hours later! (there are no thrift store,antique boutique or auctions selling them from where I'm from) I'm a huge vintage lover and wear lots of Emma Domb rockabilly dresses ,as well as Lilly Pulitzer (some Vested Gentress) and Alfred Shaheen & Vintage Ferragamo shoes( and Rosina too!) and I collect Original by Robert vintage flower brooch and Mimi Di N belt buckle.Love Frank Olive hats!Another weakness of mine is 60-70's Etienne Aigner straw/wicker and tweed bag. Fashion back then was definitely more stylish and glamourous :) Born in the wrong era,sigh!
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