Gifts from the Sea - Gifts from the Sea
Gift Horse - Gift Horse
Faux woven wood Enid w/ goldfish clasp - Faux woven wood Enid w/goldfish clasp
Pavan - Pavan
Night Owls - Night Owls
Mexicana - Mexicana
Cancer - Cancer
Fiesta Del Sol - Fiesta Del Sol
Je Vous Aime - Je Vous Aime
Sophistikits - Sophistikits
Libra - Libra
Capricorn - Capricorn
Hearts and Flowers - Hearts and Flowers
Tulip Time - Tulip Time
Taurus - Taurus
Say it with Flowers - Say it with Flowers
Iron Horse - Iron Horse
Leo - Leo I
Flora and Fauna - Flora and Fauna
Red Baron - Red Baron
Flutterbye box - Flutterbye box
Love Doves - Love Doves
Early Bird - Early Bird
Glitter Bugs - Glitter Bugs
Pineapple Paper Mache Enid - Pineapple Paper Mache Enid
Don't Bug Me - Don't Bug Me
Pieces - Pieces
Brite Owls - Bright Owls
Pieces - Pieces
People's Choice - People's Choice
Chicken Feed Bag - Chicken Feed Bag
Libra - Libra
Pisces - Pisces
Les Fleurs - Les Fleurs
Scorpio - Virgo
Mira Flores - Mira Flores
Money Trees - Money Trees
Daisies won't tell - Daisies won't tell
Money Tree I - Money Tree I
Ice Mint - Ice Mint
Pear Tree - Pear Tree
Wise Guys - Wise Guys
Roadrunner - Roadrunner
Upsa Daisy - Upsa Daisy
Roadrunner III - Roadrunner III
Snail Trail - Snail Trail
Butterfly - Butterfly
Jewel Bokay - Jewel Bokay
4 Seasons - 4 Seasons
Mill Fleur - Mille Fleur
Small Flowers No Name Enid - Small Flowers No Name Enid
Paper Mache Enid - Paper Mache Enid
Night Raider - Night Raider
Glitter Bird - Glitter Bird
Flora and Fauna - Flora and fauna
Posie Picker - Posie Picker
Money Tree - Money Tree
Roadrunner II - Roadrunner II
Pavan - Pavan
Glitter Bugs - Glitter Bugs
Not Named Enid - Not Named Enid
Roadrunner - Roadrunner III
Pear Tree - Pear Tree
A is for Apple - A is for Apple
Money Tree - Money Tree
Flower Power - Flower Power
Flora and Fauna - Flora and Fauna
I hope Enid herself would be proud!!  - Master bedroom Enid shelf!!
This is how we display Enid Collins boxbags in Cal - Enid wall unit
This is the way we display in Cali!! -
Flutterbye - Flutterbye
Mushrooms - Mushrooms
Angel Chile - Angel Chile
 - River Boat
Wise Guy - Wise Guy
Leo - Leo
 - Watermelon Paper Mache Enid
It Grows On Trees I - It Grows On Trees I


ladydi I have been collecting Enid Collins box bags for a few years now! I have my daughter, Quito, to thank for that!! We are an active duty military family and I have collected box bags in different states all along old route 66 and beyond! I am an avid collector and I wear a box bag everyday along with my vintage jewelry and clothes! They are my trademark at Navy functions and I wear them ever so proudly!! I refer to myself as an Enid Collins junkie and find that I cannot get enough of them!! They have become my passion and I am always looking for them wherever I go! Very lucky I have my husband that humors me!! Who knows? You might see me on purse rehab show someday soon!